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The PracticaBilling claims process is designed to make a provider’s work-life easy.

1. Provider submits to Practica a very simple Claims & Payment form and any statements (EOBs) received from insurance companies.

2. Practica carefully reviews and enters data, adding the correct CPT and diagnosis codes already on file. Claims are then formatted to meet all HMO standards and submitted electronically to carriers (HMOs, etc.) via secure Internet server.

3. Insurance carriers receive and process claims. Reimbursement checks are issued within 7 to 14 days, a dramatic reduction in time versus the 30—90 day turnaround for paper claims. Providers get paid much faster.


“Before hiring you I had a problem keeping track of who owed me what. I know they [HMO’s] got away with many un-reimbursed sessions because I didn’t follow up. I dreaded getting on the phone with them. My income went up significantly when you took over my billing. You have paid for yourselves many times over.” 

Joyce Towey, PhD. Alexandria, VA

​​“Most therapists don’t understand the advantages of having a good billing company on their side. After I started with you I made much more money, I no longer had to deal directly with the insurance companies, and my work life became less stressful. I would highly recommend you to anybody.” 
Sherry Blythe, LMSW. Austin, TX
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